Improving the basics - Ski & Snowboard


"If we keep on repeating the same act we’ll never learn anything."

Majority of skiers evolves in a stereotypical way, in a comfort zone where confidence lies. Yet, skiing means being able to adapt one’s technique to the different types of snow (crowned, powdery snow, spring snow) to evolve without struggling and enjoying one’s self.

We never stop learning, that’s why it is important to try to improve your ski/snowboard technique and style to feel new sensations skiing and have an ongoing fun.

Whether you are an intermediate skier or you’re skiing red runs at full speed, have fun and improve your carving and your style with a professional.

I will teach you all the techniques you wish and need.

Short turns, carving turns and skiing moguls…. all you need to be able to enjoy more of the mountain! Come to Chamonix, Megeve and Courmayeur Ski areas/resorts and improve your ski technique.





2019/2020 WINTER SEASON Prices for Ski Instruction / Ski Guiding

Holidays* Outside holidays Holidays*
Outside holidays
All season
Full Day 420 € 400 € 450 € 400 € 420 €**
Schedules 8.45AM to 4.30PM 8.45AM to 4.30PM 9.00AM to 4.30PM 9.00AM to 4.30PM 8.30AM to 4.30PM
Half Days 250 € 220 € 290 € 250 € -
Schedules 8h45 à 12h30 8h45 à 12h30 9.00AM to 12.30PM 9.00AM to 12.30PM  
Nb of clients 1 to 6*** 1 to 6 1 to 6 1 to 6 1 to 6
Meeting point at your convenience
at your convenience
at your convenience
at your convenience
at your convenience

*     From December 21.2019 to January 6.2020 / from February 8 to March 8.2020.
**   Including the Mont-Blanc tunnel return ticket.
*** Skiers of same level