After the bad weather from the lest 2 weeks, it's time for a snowshoe hike up in Flegere area. The ski resort offers at this time 2 wonderful itineraries:

- The Reverettaz circuit: starting from the middle station (1880m), this loop offers great views upon the Chamonix niddles, hiking through pines and larches trees. You can even try your transceivers in the DVA park or have a barbecue in the Mont-Blanc legend area !

- The Mont-Blanc panoramic circuit: at the top of Index chairlift (2406m), this loop has a high mountain atmosphere and allows you to snowshoe at the foot of the Red Niddles with fantastic wiew points over the entire Mont-Blanc range till Switzerland !

Those 2 itineraries are well marked and maintained by the Flegere ski patrol team and the hiking guides from the Mont-Blanc Guides Company.
Don't hesitate to ask information to the ski patrol guys settled closed to the departure hikes.

The Reverettaz circuit

Time: 1h
Elevation gain: 100m
Lenght: 1.5km

The Mont-Blanc panoramic circuit

Time: 1h15
Elevation gain: 190m
Lenght: 1.4km
For more confort and security, choose a mountain professionnal to guide you along the hike.